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MATH 221 Statistics for Decision Making Entire Course Recent DeVry

HSM 541 Health Services System Entire Course Recent Keller A+

MIS 535 Managerial Application of Information Technology Entire Course Recent Keller

A+ 100% Correct – 2017

MGMT 591 Entire Course Leadership and Organization Behavior NEW Keller

A+ 100% Correct

HOSP 450 Entire Course Tourism Management DeVry

HOSP 320 Entire Course Foundations of Hotel Management Recent DeVry

HOSP 330 Entire Course Meetings and Events Management Recent DeVry

HOSP 410 Entire Course Restaurant Management Recent DeVry A+

HOSP 420 Entire Course Food Safety and Sanitation Recent DeVry A+

BUSN 460 Senior Project Entire Course Recent DeVry A+

BIS 245 Entire Course Database Essentials for Business with Lab Recent DeVry

MGMT 404 Entire Course Project Management Recent DeVry

LAS 432 Entire Course Technology Society and Culture RECENT DeVry

HRM 420 Entire Course Training and Development Recent DeVry

HRM 430 Compensation & Benefits Entire Course DeVry NEW

BUSN 420 Business Law Entire Course DeVry NEW A+

HSM 340 Health Services Finance Entire Course DeVry NEW A+

BUSN 379 Finance Entire Course DeVry New A+

SEC 340 Business Continuity Entire Course DeVry NEW

SEC 360 Entire Course Data Privacy & Security NEW DeVry

CIS 336 Entire Course Introduction to Database w/Lab DeVry NEW+

CARD 405 Entire Course Career Development DeVry NEW

SCI 228 Entire Course Nutrition Health & Wellness w/Lab DeVry NEW A+

 HSM 330 Entire Course Health Services Information’s System DeVry NEW +

BUSN 369 Entire Course International Business NEW DeVry A+

HSM 320 Entire Course Health Rights and Responsibilities NEW DeVry A+

HSM 420 Entire Course Managed Care and Health Insurance DeVry A+ NEW

HRM 410 Entire Course Strategic Staffing NEW DeVry A+

HRM 340 Entire Course Human Resource Information System Recent DeVry A+

100% Correct A+

BUSN 412 Entire Course Business Policy DeVry A+ NEW

HSM 410 Entire Course Health Care Policy NEW DeVry A+

CIS 247C Entire Course Object-Oriented Programming with Lab DeVry A+

GSCM 206 Entire Course Managing Supply Operations NEW DeVry A+

ENGL 227 Entire Course Professional Writing New Course DeVry A+

This is a new online course.  The new onsite course is located here:

MATH 221 Entire Course Statistics for Decision-Making NEW DeVry A+

ALL Quizzes and Final Exam Include Formulas in Excel and in Word

This Course Includes ALL iLabs, Homework, Quizzes, Final Exam, and All Discussions ALL 100% Correct

MGMT 404 Entire Course Project Management DeVry

MGMT 600 Business Planning Seminar NEW Course Keller A+

BUSN 380 Entire Course Personal Financial Planning NEW A+

SEC 280 Entire Course Principles Info System Security A+

HSM 310 Entire Course Introduction to Health Services Mgmt NEW A+

MIS 600 Entire Course Information Systems Capstone Keller NEW A+

MGMT 410 Entire Course Human Resource Management NEW A+

HUMN 303 Entire Course Introduction to Humanities NEW A+

HRM 320 Entire Course Employment Law DeVry NEW A+

NETW 563 Entire Course Wireless Network Keller NEW A+

CIS 246 Course Connectivity with Lab NEW DeVry NEW A+

MGMT 600 Business Planning Seminar NEW Course Keller NEW A+

NETW 562 Entire Course Wireless Devices & Application Analysis Keller NEW A+

ECON 312 Entire Course NEW Principles of Economics NEW DeVry A+

LAWS 310 Entire Course The Legal Environment DeVry NEW A+

CIS 339 Course Object-Oriented Analysis Design, Alpharetta NEW A+

ENGL 135 Entire Course NEW Advanced English Composition DeVry A+

BUSN 115 Entire Course Intro to Business and Technology DeVry NEW A+

NETW 561 Entire Course Wireless Technology Keller NEW A+

NETW 589 Entire Course Wireless Communication Keller A+

MATH 533 Course Statistics Keller NEW +

This course includes 3 part project, discussions, and final exam. 

HUMN 303 Entire Course Introduction to Humanities DeVry NEW A+

HIST 405 Entire Course United States History DeVry NEW A+

ETHC 445 Course Principles of Ethics DeVry A +

CIS 206 Course Architect and Operating System with Lab DeVry NEW A+

ACCT 212 Entire Course Financial Accounting DeVry A+

ACCT 346 Entire Course Managerial Accounting DeVry New Course A+

This course includes all 7 Weeks of Discussions Posted by ALL Students, Course Project, Quiz Week 3 and Quiz Week 6, Midterm and Final Exam 100% Correct

ACCT 567 Entire Course Accounting for Government and NFP Keller

This course includes the following:  ALL 7 Weeks of Homework, ALL 7 Weeks of Threaded Discussions Posted by ALL Students, Case Studies: Week 2 and Week 5, Quiz Week 3 and Week 5, Midterm, Final Exam, and 48 Accounting Terms.

BIS 155 Entire Course Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab DeVry

BUSN 319 Entire Course Marketing Ended Feb-2015 DeVry A+

CIS 170C Entire Course Programming with Lab Ended Feb-2015 DeVry A+

COLL 148 Entire Course Critical Thinking and Problem Solving-Recent-DeVry A+

ECOM 210 Entire Course Fundamentals of E-Commerce DeVry A+

This Course Includes the Following:

You Decide Week 3, Mini Research Paper Week 4, You Decide Week 5m You Decide Week 6, Discussions ALL 7 Weeks Posted by ALL Students 347 Pages, and Final Exam

ENGL 112 Entire Course Composition DeVry A+

ENGL 227 Entire Course Professional Writing DeVry NEW A+

ENGL 135 Entire Course Advance Composition DeVry NEW A+

ENGL 230 Entire Course Professional Communication DeVry NEW A+

Healthcare Leadership Management Course A+

HRM 587 Entire Course Managing Organizational Change Keller A+

MBA5841 Course Strategic Marketing Columbia Southern University A+

MGMT 303 Entire Course Principles of Management DeVry NEW A+

MGMT 303 Entire Course Principles of Management New Course DeVry A+

MGMT 520 Entire Course Legal, Political, Ethical Dimension of Business Keller A+

MIS 535 Entire Course Managerial Application of Information Technology New Course Keller A+

PA 581 Entire Course Governmental Budgeting and Finance Keller A+

PA 582 Entire Course Public Policy Formulation Implementation Keller A+

PA 584 Entire Course Intergovernmental Management Keller A+

PA 600 Capstone Entire Course Keller A +

PM 598 Entire Course Contract and Procurement Management Keller A+

 PSYC 110 Entire Course Psychology DeVry A+

 PSYC 305 Entire Course Motivation and Leadership DeVry A+